god shut UP. “glee is problematic blah blah blah not because of klaine” except its awful convinient that youre telling people to protest glee 1. when glee is ending anyways so what do even expect to do?? 2. when klaine is broken up like???
"breaking up one of the most beloved couples ever how dare they!!!"

1 klaine is endgame dont act like you dont know

2. fuckin did you protest when wemma or finchel broke up???
no??? shut the fuckin fukc up

yes glee is problematic an dhas its fuck ups but dont pretend like youre not being a pissbaby over an issue you are

i just

i know ill never hear from him again and it kills me ill never find out if hes okay


glee should be about the two best characters ever:

trent and matt

trent stan 4lyfe

if glee was about trent there would never be any drama 

what up maddie


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license